Saturday, December 7, 2013

Now for the pistachio commercial

Dennis Rodman's friends decide they can live without another prisoner;
North Korea has released a US veteran of the Korean War who had been detained in the country since October.
State news agency KCNA says Merrill Newman was expelled on "humanitarian grounds" after confessing to "crimes" in the 1950-53 war and "apologising".
Mr Newman, 85, had been held on charges of "hostile acts" against the North, while visiting as a tourist.
The US state department welcomed the decision to free Mr Newman, who is now flying back to the US.
Seattle's newest City Council member--who sympathizes with North Korea's economic philosophy--could not be reached for comment. Nor the Reverend Rich Lang;
Primarily we have a possibility to model an alternative to capitalism. Movements make noise, but politicians and the legislation they create can transform the system. One of the reasons democracy is so seemingly worn-out is that there are no new ideas, nor is there any fundamental change in what is being offered by Republicans or Democrats. For example, both parties will cater to corporations when it comes to tax policies. Perhaps one might cater less than the other, but in the end, Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and the rest will continue to exploit labor, land and resources to fatten their purses and flatten our wallets.
With a real socialist alternative the conversation changes. Maybe we really will push back on the predators who bully us.
Go to North Korea and see bullying as art.

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