Thursday, December 19, 2013

Have you heard the one about Supply and Demand

The mayor of San Francisco says, Be patient, in a few years we'll put a roof over your head;
The city now has about 40,000 affordable housing units in the development pipeline, and Mayor Ed Lee said Wednesday that he will be doing everything possible to see that those projects move to the head of the construction line.
...."We need a willingness to accelerate the process," Lee said. Cutting 18 months or more from what now can be a five-year permitting and building process will trim costs and allow the city to construct more housing, he added.
"If we can get those 40,000 units constructed in the next couple of years, it will meet a great number of needs," Lee said.
But don't look at us politicians for the blame for the shortage. No sirree, they're the solution;
A wide range of efforts are on the table, including a test program to legalize the current under-the-table in-law units in some parts of the city, the identification of unused public property for future housing construction and even fire safety efforts to protect the homes and apartments the city now has.
"In 2014, the city's housing agenda will be a bold one," Lee said. 
As bold as the agenda of the past four decades that is in denial about how people actually get the goods and services they need without government interference?

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