Friday, December 13, 2013

Improvisation is funny

When machinists' perspective is hazy, they risk saying ciao to real money, and end up asking 'What to do?';
Hours after it appeared that negotiations between the [Boeing] company and the [machinists] union had collapsed, there were more questions than answers.
A national Machinists union negotiator told The Seattle Times ( late Thursday that union members should get a chance to make their own decision on what Boeing called its "best and final counterproposal."
Local Machinist union leaders said in a statement that they could not recommend that offer because "the price was too high."
Meanwhile, Gov. Jay Inslee said he would continue talking with both sides.
Which is a pretty funny situation for a recently elected Democrat to find himself in; Trying to get militant unionists to face economic reality. The stockholders of Boeing expect to get a fair return on their investment. So far, 22 other states have made offers to them, claiming that the grass is greener outside Washington state. If their offered 'prices' are higher, in the estimation of the management (with a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders), the 777X will be built elsewhere.

Here's a clue for the machinists; 'Chicago-based Boeing....'

The machinists need to change their tune, not just offer improvisations on it.

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