Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Come, all ye faithful

There's plenty of reindeer to go around for everyone in Norway;
A Norwegian butcher has prepared reindeer meat in the run-up to Christmas so the country’s Muslim population can join in the festive food traditions.
Harry Drystad, owner of a wildlife abattoir near Trondheim, used the help of a certified halal butcher to ensure the Scandinavian delicacy would be available for Muslims during the Christmas period. He said meat from 100 reindeer is now ready to be delivered to shops across Norway.
Drystad, who admitted he was keen to market the reindeer meat to the country’s Muslims, was given the green light by the Islamic Council of Norway, who he has sent an open invitation to visit his abattoir and sample the meat.
Find a need, and filet it.

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