Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Heap big scrap

A fool and his copper; soon parted. After the beads and trinkets are passed around;
Grifters posing as Cherokee Nation charity workers duped Seattle City Light staff – including the utility’s superintendent – in a scam that saw them steal 21 tons of utility-owned scrap copper.
....In charging papers, prosecutors contend Michael George and Jim Costa – known as “Chief Little Bear” and “Joe Wolf” to their marks – donned Indian garb, wandered the halls of Seattle Municipal Tower and talked their way into a meeting with Superintendent Jorge Carrasco, who runs the municipally owned utility.
Posing as do-gooders running an arts and crafts program for Cherokee children, Costa and George are alleged to have raided the City Light supply lot after Carrasco agreed to a small donation of scrap wire.
Presumably not the 42,000 lbs they got away with. But they knew how to turn the heads of Seattleites;
Having introduced themselves with their fake Indian names, the men told Carrasco they were members of the Cherokee Nation working with disabled children, Seattle Police Det. Don Jones said in court papers.
The men then displayed copper bracelets, necklaces and belt buckles, as well as a dream catcher, and asked that Carrasco donate copper to their charity. They passed out trinkets to City Light staff. 
Next; they'll take Manhattan....

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