Monday, January 13, 2014

When dinosaurs roar

There's always an elderly Seattle PI columnist, whose memory of the 20th century's laboratory experiment in economics is hazy, around to cheer;
Seattle saw thousands rally on Saturday in support of pro footballers with six- and seven-figure incomes, followed by a turnout of hundreds Sunday for fast food and airport workers earning as little as $9.32 an hour.
What seems to have escaped the attention of Joel Connelly--whose equally clueless wife is a colleague of Kshama Sawant on the Seattle City Council--is that those who rallied for the Seattle Seahawks were doing so on their own dime.  That is, they paid for the privilege, while the hundreds gathered for this;
The Labor Temple rally was to launch what promises to be a muscular,  vocal, in-your-face campaign for a $15-an-hour minimum wage.
The Sunday rally at times seemed like a trip back to the 1960′s, with adapted chants from old Vietnam War protests and hyperbole about mobilizing the “working class.”
The star performer — finally taking the stage after two hours of speech making — was newly elected Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant.  Her message:  No compromise. 
were freeloaders. They were calling on other people to spend their money for someone else's enthusiasms, with no understanding of the basic economic forces that exist;
...advocates as entrepreneur Nick Hanauer and SEIU union leader David Rolf make the case that a higher minimum wage would lift all boats.  It will put more money in workers pockets, giving spending power that will benefit business.
So, where does the 'extra' money come from that will boost 'spending power'? Won't someone miss it?

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