Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sis, boom, bah humbug

Lacy T. accused the Raiders in a lawsuit Wednesday of failing to pay the Raiderettes minimum wages for all the work they do, both on the sidelines and in the community for charity.
She filed her lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court as a proposed class action on behalf of 40 current Raiderettes and other members of the squad over the past four years. And she said she hopes other NFL cheerleaders will sign on.
"I love being a Raiderette, but someone has to stand up for all of the women of he NFL who work so hard for the fans and the teams," Lacy T. said in a statement released by her lawyer. "I hope cheerleaders across the NFL will step forward to join me in demanding respect and fair compensation."
Two, four, six, eight
Who do we appreciate? 

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