Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Trickler Down in Chief

Barack Obama traveled to the den of iniquity--they have two UCLA econ Phds on the faculty--to announce that he's going to be giving more money to the already rich;
Obama announced "a new public-private effort to boost advanced manufacturing that attracts the kind of well-paying jobs that sustain a growing middle class," in a speech at North Carolina State University Wednesday afternoon.
"Today, after almost a year of competition, I am pleased to announce America's newest high-tech manufacturing hub which is going to be focused on the next generation of power electronics is going to be based right here in Raleigh, North Carolina," he explained.
Obama said a consortium of 18 business and six universities, led by North Carolina State University, has been chosen to lead a manufacturing innovation institute to develop next-generation power electronics.
The announcement is part of Obama's push to get Congress to promote 21st-century manufacturing jobs by establishing hubs where universities and companies work together to invent, design and make new products.
While the first such hub will be based at North Carolina State, the Obama administration plans in coming weeks to announce two more hubs, led by the Pentagon, to foster digital manufacturing and modern metals innovation.
Millions for Defense, but not $15 an hour for burger flipping? The inequality of it all.

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