Monday, January 13, 2014

Rage de la route

No surrender monkeys these guys;
A Paris minicab was attacked on Monday by disgruntled taxi drivers as they staged a go-slow protest between the capital’s airports and the city centre.
Traditional licensed taxi drivers are furious that the government has liberalised the taxi market to encourage private hire vehicles, or minicabs, arguing that they create unfair competition.
Kat Borlongan, one of the two passengers in the vehicle that was attacked, tweeted: “Got attacked in an @uber [the name of a minicab firm] by cab drivers on strike near Paris airport: smashed windows, flat tires, vandalized vehicle and bleeding hands.”
She followed it up with a second post: “Attackers tried to get in the car but our brave @uber driver manoeuvred us to safety, changed the tire on the freeway and got us home.”
Was it Shaw who said you can tell someone's breeding by how they conduct themselves in an argument.

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