Saturday, January 4, 2014

Unless Kshama is in the room too

New Seattle Mayor Ed Murray admits that he's not the smartest guy around, to the Seattle PI's Joel Connelly (who won't make anyone forget Einstein either). However, he is one up on Seattle's newest City Council member, as he seems to have some familiarity with the Laws of Supply and Demand;
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants all municipal employees to earn at least $15 an hour, arguing that the city work force should be “a model” as Seattle grapples with when and how fast it is to raise the minimum wage across the city.
On his third day in office, Murray ordered department heads to “take steps” to raise the wages of those paid less than $15 an hour.  “There are a limited number of regular positions in the city that are currently paid less than this rate,” he said.
Iow, pay lip service to it, but avoid the economic catastrophe that would come from outlawing unskilled labor in his city. Smart politics, Ed. Very smart;
The Mayor’s executive order was applauded by a union that gave him key support in last year’s election.... 
And, from whom, he will need support in his re-election bid in four years.

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