Saturday, January 25, 2014


The Governor and his wife took a day off, and needed a ride;
In July of 2011, the indictment reads, the McDonnells and their family “enjoyed a private vacation at [Star Scientific executive Jonnie R. Williams] JW’s multimillion-dollar vacation home on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. Maureen McDonnell had previously called JW to ask whether JW’s Ferrari would be at the house for Robert McDonnell’s use. JW arranged to have a Star Scientific employee  transport the Ferrari from Richmond (Va.) to his Smith Mountain Lake house so the defendants could use the Ferrari during their vacation.” (Williams also rented a boat for the McDonnells while they were up at the lake.) Maureen later sent an e-mail to Williams with a photo showing her husband driving the Ferrari. Other than saying it was a Ferrari, the indictment had no further description of the car.
None is needed.

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