Friday, January 10, 2014

Le Président et le showgirl

They have a word for it, politician;
Rumors have long circulated that the 59-year-old [President Francoise] Hollande might have a lover. The magazine Closer published images Friday showing a bodyguard and a helmeted man it says is Hollande visiting the apartment of Julie Gayet, 41, a moderately known French actress who appeared in a clip for his 2012 presidential campaign.
French media faces strict privacy laws, as well as a longtime tradition of ignoring the private lives of public figures. 
Which used to be the case in the USA too, until JFK and Bill Clinton's indiscretions got people to asking, This guy controls nuclear weapons, but not himself? At least American Presidents used limos;
[The magazine] Closer published images it says show one of Hollande's bodyguards at the door to Gayet's building, and a motorcyclist arriving to drop off a helmeted man on the night of Dec. 30 and escorting him away the next morning. Closer magazine told The Associated Press it has refused requests to withdraw the story.
"He's a normal president, a normal person. He's a president who fell in love... We've really got to get less dramatic over these pictures," magazine editor Laurence Pieau told Europe-1 radio.
The magazine, known for suggestive photos and gossip, says the alleged affair raises questions about the president's security, if he is sneaking out with a single bodyguard and traveling exposed on the back of a motorcycle. 
Better than he should spend his time thinking new ways to raise French taxes.

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