Thursday, January 23, 2014

Keep cool

Rather than burn up, says the maker of Mercedes Benz;
The European Commission opened infringement proceedings against Germany today (23 January) for its failure to stop Daimler from using an air conditioning coolant that has been banned in new cars since 1 January 2013.   
The ‘letter of formal notice' the first step in a process fining member states for infringing European Union law, follows a long investigation by the Commission. Germany has defended Daimler's position that a new coolant, which is currently the only option to replace the banned coolant, is dangerous. Daimler says it caught fire in crash tests.   
The Commission has found no evidence to support Germany's position that the new coolant is dangerous enough to justify a violation of the EU rule. 
Of course, it isn't The Commission that will be sued when someone's car catches fire.

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