Friday, January 24, 2014

Pitchers and catchers report

Whether they'll be able to fly out of Venezuela for Spring Training béisbol next month;
American Airlines, United Airlines, and Copa Airlines suspended temporarily on Friday the sale of tickets in Venezuela.
The decision came after other airlines adopted the same measures in light of uncertainty over the million debt Venezuelan authorities owe to international airlines. The actions are also attributed to the latest adjustments in Venezuelan forex regulations.  
Add those three to Air Canada, Air Europa, Portugal's TAP and Ecuador's Tame;
The Ecuadorean airline Tame suspended on Thursday its once-daily flights to and from Venezuela until that country's cash-strapped government pays it $43 million owed for ticket sales.
The carrier was the first to halt flights to Venezuela, whose socialist government owes carriers a total of $3.3 billion, according to Venezuela's airlines association.
The airlines are victims of Venezuela's rigid currency controls, which prevent them from repatriating proceeds from tickets sold in the oil-rich South American country. Adding to difficulties, Venezuela's bolivar has plunged to a tenth of its official value on the black market, making tickets purchased in Venezuela some of the cheapest in the world in dollar terms.
Big Papi, meet Big Brother.

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