Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Princess and the Ps

With England's Queen down on her luck, maybe she should turn to the plucky Heide Hohenzollern, who;
 After her husband [Prince Godehard] inherited Burg Namedy, the couple left Munich for a life beside the Rhine.
"When we got here the whole thing was falling apart," she says as she sweeps into the building's gleaming mirrored hall. "There was water coming in, it was full with junk, and all the windows in here were smashed."
Now the dark wood is polished, the mirrors are shining bright, and a team of staff members are setting out chairs for a concert.
"I thought that we would sell this place off immediately," she says. "But we had an idea to make money with events, and we saved it."
....Now rowdy school classes, overseas visitor groups, concerts and weddings are the weekly business. For some guests, her down-to-earth nature comes as a surprise.
"Lots of schoolkids that visit expect me to be wearing a tiara and a big flowing dress," she jokes. "But that's not really my style." 

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