Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fed up with freedom

Some of Chile's periodistas don't want to even give it a chance.  Freedom of the Press, that is;
Eight journalists were detained as they protested in the newspapers’ headquarters. Among them was president of the La Nación workers’ union Nancy Arancibia who condemned the government’s decision to sell and the accompanying eviction of demonstrators by police.
“They had no right to have us violently evicted from the place we have worked our whole lives, we had sufficient reason to protest,” Arancibia told The Santiago Times. “This is not their newspaper to sell — it is not some trifle they are selling, even if they treat it as such.”
Of course, it was only because the government owned the paper that they did have such a right. If the ink-stained wretches wanted the right to protest they could have purchased the newspaper themselves;
After bids opened in early January, 99.4 percent of shares in La Nación were officially purchased by accounting firm Novoa y Compañía Limitada for more than US$585,000 Monday — far outstripping online newspaper El Mostrador’s US$193,980 offer.
 Could have had it for una canción. If they really wanted to be free.

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