Monday, January 6, 2014

But baby, it's cold outside

The NFL isn't selling like hotcakes, even in Green Bay, Wisconsin;
In the latest evidence that the sports in-home viewing experience has possibly trumped the in-stadium one, ticket sales were slow for the first week of the National Football League's marquee stretch of games.
Three teams hosting games this weekend asked the league for extensions to sell more tickets for the games to avoid a television blackout in local markets, which is imposed by NFL policy if a game isn't sold out. The teams, the Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals, needed large corporate assistance to ensure the sellouts.
"This wasn't just financial, this was emotional. This game needed to be on TV for the people of Wisconsin," said Jay Zollar, the general manager of WLUK, a Fox affiliate in Green Bay, Wis. His station, along with two other Fox affiliates in Wisconsin, as well as three local businesses, decided on Thursday to purchase any remaining tickets.
Staging an outdoor event in weather even polar bears would hestitate to brave, might have something to do with it?

So, when the going gets tough, the executives fine the tough guys;
The NFL fined Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch $50,000 after finding out this past week he hadn't spoken to the media all season.
"Until this past week, league had been unaware that Lynch had not been speaking," NFL spokesman Randall Liu told USA TODAY Sports in an e-mail.
The beast remained in his lair when he should have been out hawking play-off tickets?

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