Monday, January 27, 2014

Fly me to the loon

Not Jupiter, not Mars, somewhere stranger;
Venezuelan authorities will begin on Monday a series of inspections on airlines operating in the country. The action will take place after authorities and representatives of some airlines gathered last week.
In other words, inspect thee;
Inspections on airlines are intended to review operating costs and the price of tickets.
After changes in the Venezuelan foreign exchange policy were implemented last Friday, several airlines operating in Venezuela halted the sale of plane tickets.
 That should work about as well as this;
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced on Sunday the establishment of peace territories to address the issue of crime in the country.
In a peace rally held in Caracas, Maduro stated such areas would rely on institutions and citizens to ensure security. Such territories include: public places, highways, roadways, hospitals, schools, and universities. 
And this;
Pressured by foreign currency demand, the Venezuelan government has partially devalued the local currency, thus adjusting the exchange rate for some sectors of the economy from VEB 6.30 per dollar to the rate of the Ancillary Foreign Currency Administration system (Sicad), VEB 11.30. 
Deutsche Bank remarked in its latest report that the move translates into an average forex rate of VEB 7.6 per dollar.
There seems to be a pattern here.

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