Friday, January 3, 2014

SunEyes get in your i(Pad/Phone)s?

Russian ingenuity;
A group of Russian scientists has broken new ground in solar energy production with their design of balloon-like sphere that can power computers, smartphones or, for a short time, a refrigerator, with the energy generated by sunlight.
SunEyes, the 1.3 meters (4.2 feet), 5 kilograms (11 pound) ball, is powered by the sun using internal photovoltaic solar energy converters, which are more efficient than conventional solar cells, the company said.
....SunEyes developers created special software that allows the device to determine the sun’s position at any time, anywhere in the world.
Operating the device is simple: you have to inflate it using the built-in pump, fix the ball using special extensions in a sunny spot (on a picnic lawn or on a roof) and connect a device via USB. 
Developed on peanuts (about $15,000), it sells for a little more than $900 and supposedly has a useful life of 20 years. They're looking for investors.

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