Thursday, January 23, 2014

What this country needs...

Is to lower taxes that are discouraging productive behavior, say the leftists in Chile;
A study conducted by the Fuente Fundación in 2010 found that four of five Chileans agreed books were exceptionally expensive, making them difficult to access, and 54 percent said they would buy more books if they were cheaper.
....“During 2013 our main focus was the presidential campaign, and to be able to insert the books without IVA [VAT] in all the programs of the candidates,” [José Ignacio Silva] told The Santiago Times.
Silva said the campaign was successful in getting seven of the nine candidates to “consider” eliminating the VAT on books, but were ignored by the two which contested the run-off election: Evelyn Matthei and President-elect Michelle Bachelet.
He said the group is now awaiting the appointment of a new culture minister to continue its campaign, at the heart of which is removing a debilitating “legacy” of the dictatorship [1973-1990].
“In my opinion the tax was implemented as a measure for thought control and to restrain liberty of speech,” he said. “But — not considering its economic impacts — there is no doubt that this measure damaged the cultural life of a nation.”

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