Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Doctor is in

Argentina--land hospitable to Juan and Evita Peron--honors el caudillo maximo;
On Wednesday, August 20, the National University of Lanús in Argentina  awarded former Cuban ruler Fidel Castro (1959-2008) an honorary doctorate....
For outstanding achievement in repression?
The dean justified the honorary distinction paid to the former revolutionary guerrilla member citing, “among other reasons, his pro-Latin America, unifying, humanitarian work.” [Dean Ana] Jaramillo added that “great works are done collectively, with passion and love for equality.”
Of course, in Cuba, Fidel had the equality of ordering his fellow Cubans shot if they displeased him.
“Teaching is not only done through books. You can also teach through example, and Fidel Castro did precisely that. He taught, and continues to teach, through his revolutionary example, his solidarity, the fairness of his ideas, his uncompromising struggle, and the conviction that a better world is possible.”
Except in Cuba, as long as Fidel and Raul live, that is.

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