Friday, August 22, 2014

Sociedad de suma cero

Venezuela will have a national cash register policy atop all their others;
On Wednesday, Andrés Eloy Méndez, the superintendent of fair prices, introduced the controversial plan, “Operation Queue Killer” (Eficiencia Mata Cola), for 80 supermarkets across the country.
According to Méndez, the initiative aims to “protect the sustenance of the Venezuelan family,” through ongoing and thorough inspections that will guarantee the proper functioning of cash registers in the targeted supermarkets.
To more quickly add up all the zeroes for products that are non-existent? Then, they'll out-Orwell Orwell;
The superintendent informed grocery-store owners across the country that a national system of biometric measurements – in the form of a fingerprint registry – will be established before the end of the year.
The official confirmed that the new regulation will establish a system of control and restrict the purchase of particular products. In order to implement the new system, the central government will ask supermarkets for weekly lists of the types of products purchased by Venezuelan families.
At least he's honest enough to admit what he is;
“[The critics] believe it offends us when they call us communists. It does not offend us; our project is clearly socialist, Chavista. In Venezuela, we have a group of unemployed writers and economists who I would classify as controlophobes. They have a phobia of regulation. They say nothing needs to be controlled.”
Oh, they might like to see the communists in power controlled.

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