Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A moveable feast of rhinoceros

So, South Africa has a bunch of valuable beasts that poachers target. What to do, what to do;

South Africa plans to move up to 500 rhinos from its flagship Kruger National Park to counter a wave of poaching of the animals for their horns, highly prized in newly affluent Asian countries as a sign of wealth.
Officials said on Tuesday the mission could see some of the animals shipped to nearby Botswana and Zambia as South Africa grapples with a poaching epidemic that has seen more than 630 rhinos killed so far this year, 408 of them in Kruger.
"We have to take rhinos to where they are safe," Markus Hofmeyr, head vet of the national park, told a news briefing.
The poachers are supposed to just say, 'Good-bye and good luck.'?

Maybe another approach would be better. If South Africa's game wardens aren't up to protecting them, could they be cold to someone who would?

There was the occasional cattle rustling operation in the Old West, but are cows extinct?

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