Thursday, August 14, 2014

DeLong's denizens, and democracy

Strictly as an educational service for those currently spouting fourth and fifth hand denunciations of Friedrich von Hayek for insufficient commitment to democracy, we provide a podcast for their listening displeasure from Eleanor Wachtel, interviewing former Chilean diplomat Jorge Edwards. In which, Edwards, at about the 27:00 minute mark, admits that he, and several of his friends, as young men were themselves disdainful of democracy.

They considered it bourgeois, mediocre. They were very skeptical of and negative toward the Chilean political system; 'In fact, we conspired in a certain way to destroy democracy.  ...many of my friends became sectarian and dogmatic Communists, and they didn't believe in Chilean democracy.'

For the question of who tried to kill democracy in Chile, that's known as primary source material.

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