Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How many Frogs does it take to swim in Poland?

As many as want to jump in, as the water is fine, say those already frogpaddling;
Eighty-seven percent of French businessmen who have invested in Poland say they are satisfied with the results of such projects. A massive 97 percent say they would recommend Poland as a business destination to foreign companies without a presence on this market, according to a report by the French Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Poland (CCIFP) and consulting firm KPMG entitled 20 Years of French Investment in Poland.
They like the people;
French employers rate Polish employees highly, particularly those holding managerial positions (80 percent) and blue-collar workers (83 percent). The situation looks different if the availability of staff is taken into account. In this case, more companies say they are having problems finding suitable candidates, especially for white-collar positions.

In terms of the business environment, cooperation with local suppliers received the highest ratings. French companies highly rate both the availability of local suppliers (88 percent) and the quality of their work (73 percent).
When they can get paid, that is;
Things are worse when it comes to timely payments (44 percent of positive and 16 percent of negative responses).
Though some things are the same the world over;
The public sector received the poorest ratings. Only 45 percent of respondents rated the situation in the public sector as positive. Nearly half those polled said there is too much bureaucracy in the public sector (44 percent of responses) and that the tax and legal systems are too complicated and unstable.

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