Monday, August 18, 2014


Governments in Spain must really like their football;
The regional government of Valencia has paid €660,000 to soccer club CD Castellón as part of a sponsorship deal that the unused Castellón Airport (Aerocas) signed with the third division side for the 2009-2010 season. The regional government owns 99 percent of Aerocas, which cost €170 million and was officially opened in 2011, but has yet to see a plane land or take off there.
 Not that the fans are willing to buy many tickets to the matches;
CD Castellón, which has debts of €5.3 million and began bankruptcy proceedings in 2013, has received around €2.4 million from Aerocas since 2006. In a statement released on Wednesday the club highlighted that the amount deposited by the regional government, which is in dire financial straits itself, and is running a €3.5 billion deficit, was of “substantial importance” in helping safeguard the club’s immediate future.
Don't forget the motorcyclists;
The airport was the pet project of the former head of the provincial government of Castellón, Carlos Fabra, and entered into several sponsorship deals worth a total of €35 million with Villarreal soccer club and other sporting entities, including the Alex Debón motorcycle team.
Fabra is now in prison, at least.

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