Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reign in Spain mainly a pain

For the entrepreneur that is, says Enrique de Hoyos;
–What’s it like being an entrepreneur in Malaga today?
–It is still difficult in Malaga and Spain as a whole. The words entrepreneurship and enterprising are being used as slogans, but in reality we do not have an economic environment that favours business startups. We are still in the era of MS-DOS, the operating system that came before Windows.
–What are the main problems that young people are faced with when trying to create a new business?
-Bureaucratic obstacles. Although starting a business is simple, developing is not easy as a number of licences are needed. But the hardest part is the labour costs and tax rates. In the past year 4,600 new business were created in Malaga province. However, many of these will go bust within three years due to such high costs.
–Do you think that specific help is needed for entrepreneurs?
–What we are asking for is a more favourable business environment with lower costs for recruiting and generating employment as well as a reduction in tax rates. If this happens then the amount of failed business is bound to decrease.
–In September, the Entrepreneur Law will have been in force for two years. Has it been of any use?
–The law has fallen short. While it has launched some positive measures, it has failed to create an environment that helps businesses grow. There are vocational entrepreneurs as well as those who do it for a living. We all need the same thing: for running and owning a business to become simpler and cheaper.
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