Friday, August 1, 2014

Erin no go bragh

At least not when Irish Rail's unions decide to stop transportation for its citizens;
Irish Rail commuters and GAA fans are set to experience major travel disruption in the coming weeks as four days of strikes have been announced by the National Bus and Railworkers’ Union (NBRU).
....The 48-hour work stoppage will begin on Sunday August 24th, the union announced after a ballot for action was passed was by 80 per cent of voting members . This will be followed by two 24-hour work stoppages on Sunday September 7th and Sunday September 21st, the union said.
Next month’s two stoppages coincide with the All-Ireland Hurling Final and the All Ireland-Football Final fixtures. While numbers due to travel depend on the finalists tens of thousands of fans are likely affected for each match.
We wonder how many of the inconvenienced Irish commuters earn the kind of money Irish Rail workers do;
The cost saving measures involve a temporary reduction in basic pay ranging from 1.7 per cent for staff earning €56,000 or less (74 per cent of the workforce) up to 6.1 per cent for those earning over €100,000.
56,000 Euros are worth about $75,000 US.

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