Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Call them crazy, but...

Not so whacked out that Seattle-ites want another Kshama Sawant in office;
State House Speaker Frank Chopp was the Legislature’s biggest winner Tuesday night, as the veteran Seattle housing activist blew away his 43rd District foe Jess Spear, a candidate from the Socialist Alternative movement of nonstop-demonstrating Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant.
Chopp took 80.11 percent of the first vote count of this year’s primary election.  Challenger Spear, a climate researcher not long in the district, trailed with just 19.06 percent of the vote.  Spear, Sawant and the Socialist Alternative party had run on a platform of rent control.
Which, is such a disaster, says Joel Connelly;
The central plank of Spear’s campaign — rent control — has been a colossal failure in New York and San Francisco.
So don't bring any princesses out to the Pacific Northwest, expecting lifetime nearly-free housing.

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