Friday, August 22, 2014

¿Qué, nos preocupamos?

El Pais reports that it's not healthy to be sick in Venezuela.
The way things stand, medicine in Venezuela runs the risk of returning to pre-modern times.
The Venezuelan regime, which follows the ideological path set out by the late Hugo Chávez, generally views the medical community as an adversary of its Bolivarian revolution. Under this prism, private healthcare becomes a mere manifestation of usury, and the government regularly issues threats about an impending expropriation.
Representatives of the private sector (although the shortages also affect public hospitals) on Tuesday asked President Nicolás Maduro to declare a humanitarian emergency in Venezuela.
  Not that anybody in power cares;
A day after this request by medics, the Venezuelan government played down the gravity of the situation. Gabriela Ramírez, the ombudswoman and a former deputy for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the party in power, called the doctors’ claims “disproportionate” and said that the government is in talks with all parties involved.
“All of this has been the subject of dialogue, the communication channels have been open,” said Ramírez in an televised interview. “The state of emergency cannot replace permanent dialogue or information about the drugs that affect various types of patients, especially those with chronic conditions.”
Venezuelans should just get over it.

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