Tuesday, August 19, 2014

El Canalla

 The real question is why the scoundrels who report on him, ignore the facts. Nicolás Márquez author of El Canalla gives his reasons;
Progressives have strong emotions and weak ideas, and have no objection to sacrificing logic and documented truth before utopian dreams. For progressives, things are judged not by their results (proven to be disastrous), but by their objectives, supposedly noble, consisting of “saving the world’s poor.”
In the collective imagination, this is how Che is viewed. They don’t remember the man who shot and murdered [his opponents], but the man who supposedly serviced the “wretched of the earth.”
Which could be corrected by the simple task of reading Che's own words, he says;
... it is Che Guevara himself, in his memoirs, personal diaries, and complete works that recognize each and every one of his crimes.
In fact, he himself details each of the executions he personally carried out, and also makes note of the disdain he had for anyone who disagreed with his ideological delusions. In other words, to destroy the myth of Che, there is no better source than Che himself.
Which was; He was reckless, cruel, selfish, defiant, and prone to making extreme and outrageous decisions.

And, oh yeah, he persecuted homosexuals and drug users;
Che created a concentration camp on the Guanahacabibes peninsula to punish homosexuals, and 99 percent of those who raise the equality flag don’t have the slightest idea about these Gueravista camps in Cuba.
They raise up a cardboard idol, and the few activists who may actually be willing to risk their lives do so not because of revolutionary focalism, but after snorting a line of cocaine — a bourgeois vice that an ascetic like Che would not have hesitated to punish with death.

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