Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Wonderland turned upside down

In Russia (where else) the snow is black;
...Omsk [Siberia] residents became alarmed after finding that precipitation had again come down in a color exactly opposite of its normal white hue.
Black snow found on the city's streets will be analyzed by the Federal Inspection Service for Natural Resources Use, RIA Novosti reported Sunday.
The snow's color is thought to be caused by emissions from the city's thermal and electrical power plant, which runs at maximum capacity during the year's coldest periods. The released pollutants occasionally condense and fall down as off-colored snow, as happened twice in Omsk during 2012.
If it's white you want, come back in August;
In August the Siberian city was also covered in white powder from a Gazpromneft refinery, though the discharge reportedly was not harmful to the population.

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