Saturday, February 8, 2014

Más Maduroismo

Socialism marches on to the beat of its different drummer;
Toyota de Venezuela is halting operations indefinitely amid lack of supplies. "Just as we have informed in previous communiqués, we are facing a very difficult situation because of several reasons beyond our control that hinder operational continuity," read the statement released on February 5 among workers at the Toyota plant in Cumaná, northeast Venezuela.
The communiqué explained that the indefinite stoppage will be effective as of February 13. It outlined that the move will have a critical nature, considering that both the production and administrative activities of the plant will be cut to the bare minimum.
Toyota's statement insisted that the company faces a "critical situation," and highlighted that workers would be duly informed about the proposals to overcome the crisis and "ensure the company's survival."
That will take ensuring the country's survival first.

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