Friday, February 28, 2014

It's party time down South

Everything through fiesta, nothing without fiesta, nothing against fiesta, in Venezuela...the earlier the better;
This week, while continuing to characterize opponents as fascists at the service of imperialists, government ministers have also given long addresses, covered in full by the country's six-state television stations, in which they have spoken of the need to honor the tradition of Carnival.
"The choice here is happiness versus bitterness, hate versus love, violence versus peace, Carnival versus fascism," Mr. Maduro told a rally of red-clad supporters from his party.
And the party is officially started (yesterday), as the government couldn't wait for the traditional Saturday through (Fat) Tuesday run up to Lent. To disguise the real choices facing Venezuelans; between Maduroismo and toilet paper, bread, and cooking oil.

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