Saturday, February 15, 2014

Confusion reigns supreme

Berkeley's J. Bradford DeLong links to Jonathan Chait;
Karl Rove is most famous for being architect of one of the worst presidencies in American history and then a Superpac strategist/delusional Romney campaign-night dead-ender. I’m a Rove junkie, and just as a snobbish fan of any popular band must have some obscure album he finds superior to the band’s most popular work, the Rove career function I find most delightful and rewarding is his work as a Wall Street Journal op-ed columnist.... Today’s column begins with Rove’s bizarre belief that the health exchanges in Obamacare are a “single-payer” system, reflecting his apparent confusion about what this term means. 
The celebrated academic, and former Clinton Administration Treasury official, apparently forgot to fact check Chait before linking to and quoting him(?). As the Rove column in question does not begin with anything like that at all. However, in the sixth paragraph there is this;
 ObamaCare was intended to move America toward a single-payer system as more small businesses dropped coverage, dumped workers into the exchanges, and substituted a $2,000 fine for the ever-increasing premiums.
Who you gonna believe, Chait's 'are a "single payer" sytem', or your own lyin' eyes?

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