Saturday, February 22, 2014

Running out of other people's dinero

The first clue is;
In 2001 ‘La Paloma Pilareños’, was a dream of the Socialist mayor Ignacio Ramos. He called it the star project of his term, and as he laid the first stone he declared that the building would quickly become a landmark in the area...
Sorta did;
The spectacular project, which for many years has dominated the pilareño skyline, was launched in 2001 having already achieved number of architectural awards, but it became evident all too quickly that the construction company, a consortium consisting of Intersa and Urdemasa, were going to exceed the 4 million euro budget [by at least 5 million Euros]. The Ayuntamiento were unable to meet the additional cost as a result of which the socialist council decided to stop the work in 2006.
In the intervening years the construction has developed serious structural faults and according to technical reports, there is a possibility that it could fall down at any time so, at the time of writing, cranes and machinery were being moved onto the site in order to begin the demolition process. It is now expected that within a few days the whole project will be just an expensive and painful memory for the town.
From which, the socialists will learn?

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