Friday, February 7, 2014

Market share

To each according to their temporary need in South--not North--Korea;
With the power of online platforms, sharing businesses are tapping into an increasingly wider range of items and sectors, moving from a niche phenomenon to part of the commercial mainstream. 
The Open Closet, a nonprofit organization in Seoul, allows young people to rent suits, ties and shoes for when they occasionally need to dress up. Nearly 1,000 suits donated by individuals and companies are available for less than 30,000 won for a five-day rental. 
Like-minded tenants share homes offered affordably by companies like Woozoo and Sohaengju. 
SaveCar offers a cheap and convenient car-sharing service by allowing users to easily access vehicles parked along the street and pay later. A consumer doesn’t need to visit a rental office and can return the car even after less than an hour.
All without a political dynasty directing it.

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