Monday, February 10, 2014

Party like it's 2014!

Because the taxpayers of Quincy, Washington, near the Columbia River Gorge, are on the hook for it;
Gorge concertgoers seeking medical help have cost the Quincy Valley Medical Center more than $500,000 in 2013.
The hospital is seeking financial help from Gorge operator Live Nation, but hospital officials say the company has not been responsive.
"After the Paradiso concert, we asked to sit down with them and discuss the situation," administrator Mehdi Merred said. "It was left that they are not quite responsible for the behaviors, and they were not too interested in what I had to say."
....More than 120 people visited the emergency room that weekend, many suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. One person died from a methamphetamine use. The hospital, about 15 miles from the Gorge, usually treats nine to 10 people during a typical weekend.
For which situation the taxpayers can thank the Federal Govt., which mandates that hospitals treat people whether they can pay or not. Even people who don't live in your neighborhood.

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