Monday, February 17, 2014

Orchestral orthopedics

Medical markets in almost everything, in Germany they're in tune;
...performers seeking help in Düsseldorf are asked to bring their instruments along to the university clinic, where the doctors themselves have musical experience and are familiar with the physical movements that go into playing a given instrument.
"Musicians often have to take on an 'abnormal' position in order to play. This can cause chronic pain over time," [Dr. Wolfram] Goertz said.
Just as musicians differ, so, too, do the injuries they're prone to. "It's an unbelievably wide array," said Wolfram Goertz, "Violinists often have problems with their shoulders; cellists with their thumb saddle joint. With brass players, it's often their lips and facial muscles, and they frequently complain of dizziness. And stage fright is a huge problem of course."
Created by an organist and physician in Düsseldorf who heard a need and gefüllt it.

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