Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Si es bueno para Obama...

Then why shouldn't Presidente Maduro have his fun running his country by decree too;
For the past year citizens have experienced high inflation and shortages in some basic goods, while the value of the dollar on the illegal market has increased to over twelve times the official value.
The government argues that these problems are due to an “economic war” being promoted by business sectors opposed to the government, who allegedly stall production, hoard or divert products, and speculate on prices to provoke discontent and increase their profits.
Increasing their profits being a bad thing in Venezuela, just might explain why the citizens there don't have items to consume. But, the Socialist in Chief isn't having any of that;
Karlin Granadillo, a top official of the government agency enforcing the new price law, said today that the maximum profit limit for each economic sector is still being studied and decided, as not every sector uses or requires a 30% profit margin. The limits will be published this Friday.
Señores, We'll let you know later what you should have sold your products for. Why should that be a problem?

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