Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The proletariat?

Screw 'em, we're Communists;
The delegation of the South African Communist Party in Limpopo province strongly condemned today the coup attempt in Venezuela and reaffirmed its solidarity with that people.
The SACP in Limpopo condemns the cowardly right wing opposition acts, as denounced by President Nicolas Madro [sic], who has skilfully succeeded late Commander Hugo Chavez in the struggle for Venezuela[n] autonomy, said the South African group in a communiqué.
...."We ratify our full support to the Bolivarian, Chavista Revolution and urge all progressive forces for a broad international solidarity to back Venezuela," said the text.
Meanwhile, Michael Albert of ZNet professes to be bewildered about why the left is so quiet; answer is that all or at least some of these [news] sites have decided that what has occurred and is occurring in Venezuela is of no real consequence and therefore doesn’t warrant attention. It is not important to provide information and analysis to help counter propaganda and to protect the Venezuelan project from lies. It is not important to try to learn lessons from Venezuelan efforts. In this view, as a shorthand, Venezuela would be like, I guess, North Korea. There is nothing there for progressive journalists and outlets to respectfully address or defend.
 The way the left respectfully adressed and defended, Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, Pol Pot's Cambodia? Good question, why not?

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