Saturday, February 1, 2014

Was ist los mit Arkansas?

A German reporter comes to the United States and worries that there will be too little government if some have their way;
Thanks to the Tea Party, the Arkansas Congress is Republican for the first time in 138 years. They have attacked not only Barack Obama but the Republican Party itself. But will the Tea Party really stop at nothing?
The view from die Person in dem Glashaus;
It comes as quite a surprise to see that seemingly not much has remained in the way of political heritage from Bill Clinton, the state's long-term governor and president. Apart from the "Bill and Hilary Clinton Airport" and the "Clinton Presidential Center," that is. 
Yeah, ever since Hillary moved to New York to become a Senator.... But, look at what those Tea Partiers are up to;
Door to door visits, telephone calls, emails and Facebook campaigns are a perfect example of how the Tea Party organizes its political work. The party sees itself as a grass roots movement and has local groups in more than half of the districts of Arkansas.   
What's die Welt coming to?

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