Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Brussels sprouts atavism

Among the avant garde, the latest idea is barter;
"Truc Troc" means "thing-swap," and that's exactly how art is purchased here at this unique art event, one of Belgium's largest. Artists are offered trades in exchange for their work: an item, service, or maybe a vacation. Anything that is, except money.
"I offered a box of champagne, construction advice because I am a contractor, a thermal bath and a bonus - whatever the artist wants," said Antoine of the offer he hoped would win him a black-and-white photograph.
This year's event, took place over the weekend, featured a unique array of swap suggestions: 20 homemade Argentinean empanadas, an iPhone 4, 15 nights of babysitting, a homemade quiche Lorraine, a hug, two nights in a house in London, and a personally composed song.
How about a lesson in Econ 101?

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