Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not by bread alone

There' also bacteria and beer to fight over with UNESCO;
Germany has only been part of the agreement to protect intangible cultural heritage since 2013. Communities, clubs and individuals were invited to submit their proposals by the end of November. In the end, there were 128 proposals.
Aside from bread, some in Germany are advocating for the cultural merits of the microbiological therapy of "healing with bacteria," or the oral storytelling tradition of "Graweredersch" from the state of Thuringia. A strong competitor may prove to be the German Brewers Association, which is fighting for the Beer Purity Law's place on the list.
Each state can select one or two suggestions from the list of 128 until April. The education and cultural affairs minister conference and a panel of experts from the German UNESCO commission will assemble the final list, which will include 30 to 50 candidates. Germany's first entry will be recognized in 2016 at the earliest.
At least they aren't trying to add, marching into bordering countries, to the list of intangible cultural heritage.

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