Monday, February 17, 2014

Maduro as hell, not going to take it anymore

Because we live in 'complex times'--when don't we?--John F. Kerry and Barack Obama lose another round of diplomacy;
"We were holding a meeting (...) and we got a call from Roy Chaderton (Venezuela's Ambassador to the Organization of American States), who informed us that he received a message demanding the release of detainees and talks with the opposition." The message also said that "the detention of Leopoldo López would have negative consequences," and requested the legal actions against López to be dropped.
He added that the Deputy Secretary of State said that taking legal actions against López would have negative international implications. "These demands are unacceptable, insolent," said [President Nicolás] Maduro.
Consequently, he announced the expulsion of three US consular officials. He said such officials conducted activities in private universities. "I have instructed the foreign affairs minister to declare persona non grata and expel these three consular officials of the US Embassy in Venezuela."
...."I do not accept threats from anyone in this world," Maduro said, adding that a reply to the White House has been sent already. "No force will stop us Bolivarians from making justice. In Venezuela, we are ready to go to the bitter end to defend our independence and peace," said the Venezuelan president.
Sounds a little like the famous last words of another South American wanna-be dictator, forty years ago.

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