Wednesday, February 5, 2014

They'll be paid union wages?

Argentina's lady President needs a hand;
Faced with one of the most devastating economic crises in recent years, Argentinean President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner on Tuesday night issued warnings to both unions and businessmen about the soaring cost of food and other goods, and called on both sides to ensure that price controls are being observed.
“Our union leader partners are offering an increase in salaries as a solution — period. They should instead be inside every supermarket to make sure that prices are being respected,” Fernández de Kirchner said, in reference to price-control agreements signed last year between her government officials and the owners of some of the country’s biggest chains.
Her cry for Argentina today is;
“Listen up, boys, the world is very complicated. And it gets even more complicated in countries with emerging economies,” Fernández de Kirchner said.
“I would like for them to go to the pharmacies and small markets to see if prices are being and will be respected, because the people are doing it. The unions cannot be so unaware of what is going on, because it is the workers who are really running the show.” 
No so complicated Christi, it's always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon. Whether the union members do your bidding, or not.

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