Friday, November 15, 2013

Termina la prensa

A prickly politician is a dangerous (is there any other kind?) politician, for journalism;
As the Venezuelan government continues to tackle speculative retail pricing, President Nicolas Maduro has urged supporters to boycott private newspapers.
“Let’s boycott these newspapers to demonstrate the level of consciousness and dignity of a country that is willing to stand up against economic sabotage,” he stated.
Maduro accused private newspapers including El Universal of being part of an “economic war” against his government.
“Do not buy these newspapers because these are newspapers defending the parasitic bourgeoisie that is robbing you,” he said during a speech in Caracas.
And if the people continue to buy and read criticism of Sr. Maduro;
 Maduro alleged that the private media is defending retailers who have been targeted this week by authorities for charging inflated prices for consumer goods. According to authorities, at least 28 people have been arrested since the weekend for selling goods at “speculative” prices.
Why would he stop at arresting retailers?
According to Maduro, retailers selling goods at reasonable prices are the “exception” to the rule.
“In the beginning of this economic offensive to regularise...the national economy, we found only 5 of 1,400 establishments complying with their proper commercial functions,” he said.
Enemigos! Enemigos por todas partes!

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