Monday, November 18, 2013

So 2012

Social media; fickle;
Facebook has grown up. At least that's what researchers dealing with the behavior of young Internet users are saying and the user numbers reflect this. The social media network has a problem in 2013: users under 35 years are gradually turning to other platforms that are more interesting for them. That news came from no less an authority than Facebook's chief financial officer David Ebersman, speaking about the company's figures at a conference of financial analysts. The share price briefly went into a tailspin.
While Facebook is so large it almost hasn't noticed, in Germany it's Roll Over Beethoven;
A distinction must be made between young adults and teenagers, the researchers agree. Schoolchildren increasingly find it "uncool" when their parents, teachers and football coaches sign up for the network - the belief that Facebook is "infested with parents" has become widespread. "They also don't go to the same bars as their parents," Wenzlaff said.
Another problem that is often raised is something young users are mostly indifferent to but also have trouble coming to grips with: the lack of privacy. "The privacy settings on Facebook are very complicated and hardly anyone actually knows who can see the things they post."
The network has become quite "youth-unfriendly," Wenzlaff said.
Fortunately, the fogies;
...there are still users who are older than 35. They continue to remain true to Facebook. And that too can be explained. They are often interested in business and politics pages, where they find what is relevant to them. Moreover, they are often happy using a single Internet portal for networking, while their children are increasingly looking for new places they can spend time together. Facebook has simply grown up. 

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