Thursday, November 21, 2013

Esa programa de setenta

What's new is old, in the Chilean election;
[Former President Michelle] Bachelet started her run-off election campaign accompanied by former student leaders and deputy-elects Karol Cariola and Camila Vallejo of the Communist Party (PC) and PS deputy-elect Maya Fernández, the granddaughter of former President Salvador Allende.
Those were the good ol' dias. Meanwhile, her opponent appeals to la mayoría silenciosa;
The first topic addressed by [Evelyn] Matthei in her speech following the election results on Sunday was law and order, which she used to attack Bachelet.
“While they [the Nueva Mayoría] and their leftist judges protect the rights of delinquents with laws and verdicts, we defend the rights of the Chileans who want to live peacefully,” she said.
While Bachelet outlines in her government program that prevention is the best way to fight crime, Matthei advocates a “firm hand” against crime, promoting the creation of 6,000 new law-enforcement jobs combined with policies that would send second-time offenders directly to prison without provisional freedom.
She should make her theme song;  Try to Remember that kind of September/when we had to dismember/that socialist regime in '73.

Because that's where Bachelet's heart is.

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