Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dream a little DreamWorks all about me

I'm not an ideological guy. Kindness covers all my political beliefs. I'm investing for the next generation (with your money). I have a stake in your success. I put politics aside once in a while, to make the people better off (unlike those saboteur Republicans).
We should all be thankful.

Thankful that this guy doesn't have all that much power to let his self-esteem really rip. As it has elsewhere.

Let's all give thanks that we are not subject to what the people in Stalin's Barber were. As Paul M. Levitt put it;
With his Kremlin salary, Razan insisted that his family buy the best and most durable clothing, which could be found in the basement government shop, the one accessible only to the party faithful. Here the goods were functional and stylish because most were imported from France and Italy and the United States. Here, and not on the Arbat, he bought Anna her fur coat. When Razan and his family walked down the street, no one could have failed to notice that they dressed like the favored Soviet class, the bureaucracy.
On the street, cabs appeared out of nowhere while other people huddled in the cold, waiting. Tables in restaurants materialized while other customers were asked to wait or turned away. Seats for plays or ballets always turned up, although the sign in front of the theatre said SRO. Even train tickets, so difficult to acquire, became available, allowing Anna to visit her sons in Leningrad and Brovensk. Had Razan requested a car, the Kremlin staff would have provided one to travel the short distance from his apartment to work. Invited to a few weekend parties at the dachas of Molotov and Yagoda and Malenkov, though not Stalin's, a car always took Razan and his party to the front door. Paradise, an abstraction for some was a perk of the privileged. Alas, even in a classless society, some drink champagne and some only cheap vodka.
People who put politics the classless society...whose jobs are to make the people better off. Who can be identified easily by the way

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  1. Obama said that he was investing the stimulus fund of $800 odd billion in "shovel ready" jobs to build infrastructure for the next decades.

    A year later, he laughed as he remarked that there weren't actually any shovel ready jobs. The tangle of bureaucratic government rules meant that any project of significance needed years of planning and approval.

    Oh, well. He brilliantly found a way to spend the money anyway, on now failed "green" companies, and for maintaining high staffing levels in the jobs making up government unions. That is the true, socialist infrastructure.